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Our Responsibility

The Texas Travel Industry Association welcomes all visitors to our great state. Visitors are our guests and they are essential to a robust and thriving Texas economy. The essence of who we are as Texans and who we are as an industry is how we treat people, especially our guests. Our industry is the trusted curator of the Texas hospitality brand and provider of the Texas hospitality experience. We are in the business of welcoming and accommodating guests and are driven by a passion to provide a Texas experience that inspires our guests to visit us the first time and to come back again and again. We wouldn’t exist without our guests which means we are their advocates. As such, we pursue and protect the freedom to sensibly operate our industry to be inclusive and welcoming, to make our guests feel comfortable and at ease, and to value and treat all of our guests with equal opportunity and the respect and dignity they deserve. We believe this makes Life Better in a State of Travel for all of us.